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Dog-Friendly at Ramada Surrey Hotel, BC, Canada

The Ramada Surrey gladly welcomes pet owners and their dogs to stay with us. The following conditions apply
  • Dog friendly accommodations are available at a charge of $15.00 for one animal or $25.00 for two animals.
  • In the event of any dog-related damages to the room or hotel property, your credit card may be charged.
  • If left unattended in the room, dogs must be kept in their kennel.
  • Housekeeping attendants are not required to clean guest rooms in which dogs are present. Scheduled housekeeping arrangements should be made in advance for those arriving with dogs.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in public areas inside the hotel, as well as on exterior hotel property. Dogs are not permitted in the breakfast room, meeting room, or pool area.
  • Dog owners are expected to pick up after their pets and ensure that dogs do not create a disturbance for other guests. Should the dog’s behavior result in any documentable loss of revenue for the hotel, the pet’s owner may be held liable to reimburse the hotel.